Google Plans To Close Allo

Launched in mid 2016, the “smart” messaging app blended users’ Google accounts with the search giant’s virtual assistant technology. … Read more Source: Mobile Marketing Daily.  

Facebook's Casual Data Approach Backfires — Big Time

In light of the Cambridge Analytica controversy — which ultimately affected an estimated 87 million Facebook users — Zuckerberg’s casual position on security in the past is striking. … Read more Source: Mobile Marketing Daily.  

IAB Publishes Playbook For Opt-In Value Exchange Ads

The hope is that the format will be more palatable to consumers already facing an ad overload. Because the user chooses to engage with opt-in ads, they are perceived as less annoying. … Read more Source: Mobile Marketing Daily.  

Hack your commute: Look out the window

This won’t be much help if your commute is exclusively underground, or requires you to keep your eyes fixed to the road, but studies show that looking at scenic landscapes can be beneficial for performance of cognitive tasks, wellbeing, and just making you a nicer person. The findings are even…

The best campaigns of 2018: Part 1

Nike – ‘Colin Kaerpernick – Just Do It’ Nike stoked controversy when it revealed an ad starring NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Created by Wieden+Kennedy, it featured the American footballer alongside the strapline: ‘Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything’. Kaepernick has become a divisive figure in the US….

Uber on its ambition to move from a ‘viral app to a viral brand’

Uber has shifted its marketing focus from customer acquisition to brand reputation after the company experienced its first decline in rides last year as trust issues and bad press plagued the business. Speaking at Madfest London on Wednesday (28 November), Uber’s head of social media and content for EMEA, Kelly…

Pizza Hut, Unilever, Volkswagen: 5 things that mattered this week and why

Pizza Hut launches loyalty scheme in the UK Who doesn’t like free pizza? Nobody is the answer, and so that’s the premise of Pizza Hut’s newly launched loyalty programme. The Hut Rewards scheme offers customers reward currency, called ‘slices’ for every £10 they spend. Get five slices and customers get a…