New Streamer Quibi Plans To Be Baked Into Smartphone Plans

Quibi is in the process of ordering and shooting thousands of original shows ahead of its launch, slated for sometime in 2019. It will have ad-supported and ad-free offerings, but is also looking to mobile carriers as a way to quickly scale up.

Colin Lewis: Just because brands can doesn’t mean they should

It costs more to acquire customers than to keep them. So driving loyalty makes sense as it drives profit. You don’t have to spend time and resources going out and finding new clients — you just have to keep the ones you have happy. And there is tonnes of data…

How Adidas is evolving dark social to stay ahead of the game

Florian Alt is a self-proclaimed “football fanatic” and Adidas “life-timer”. He joined the company 20 years ago and believes both factors are key to his current role as vice-president of global brand communications for its football business. “I have grown up with the three stripes. My dad worked at the…

Marketoonist on the voice of the customer

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