Get In Their Heads For Successful Ads

With Neurons, inc. using the latest tools and insights from neuroscience to measure, understand and affect human decision making, and TrueImpact noting that 90% of all decisions are driven by feelings, MediaBrix authorized a study to test different ad delivery methods. The study tested users’ reactions to ads delivered in two different delivery formats but with the same creative from either a global confection brand or MillerCoors. Researchers found that embedded, opt-in ads that rewarded attention, and presented within the context of user’s app experiences, yielded eight times more mental engagement; more than three times amount of time spent with the brand, and significantly higher brand recall and positive sentiment than standard interstitial video ads. The Neuro Lab study demonstrates that an ad delivery approach that identifies emotionally-meaningful moments and allows a brand to add context and value to the user, maximizes a meaningful brand-consumer relationship and higher return on…
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Source: Mobile Marketing Daily