December 2016

Unicef animates David Beckham’s tattoos to take the hardline on child violence

Unicef ambassador David Beckham is fronting another campaign, this time donating his body as a canvas upon which animated tattoos tell the story of child abuse. Created by animation and production studio BlindPig, the 60 second video tells stories of violence alongside Beckham’s many tattoos, looking to share common scenarios that…

Los Angeles creative community rallies to benefit homeless youth

The advertising industry can be a rough place, full of highly competitive people, strong rivalries and big egos. But it’s also an industry that knows how to help others, and the industry in Los Angeles got together recently for an event that brings people together for a common good –…

Review: Ozobot Evo

This user-programmable bot for children makes playtime educational. The post Review: Ozobot Evo appeared first on WIRED.