12 Biggest Tech/Media Platforms by Audience Reach

Time to publish another first, as the first ever source for a statistic related to tech, mobile, media and advertising. As I do my various workshops and seminars, my clients invariably love my numbers and the one they have most asked for, was a comparison of the different media and communication platforms. Because there wasn’t one. And it was a difficult task to try to do. Now I have done it. We have the 12 tech and media with largest reach.

Let me first show why this was nearly impossible before. You would start off with a series of pretty nice numbers, until you understand that some numbers in media are too good while other numbers are too bad. We reading this blog regularly, know that in mobile for example the total count of 7.6 billion mobile subscribers for a planetary human population of 7.4 billion human beings, does not mean there are 7.6 billion humans with a mobile phone. Its not possible, some obviously have two phones or two or more accounts, and some mobile accounts nowadays are used for means that do not involve a human using ‘a mobile device’ but rather some mobile connections go into various telematics uses like inserted into cars or in our metering devices etc. And this blog was the first to publish mobile unique counts and I have had that data in my Almanac series from its beginning for example. At one side we measure numbers that are too large, like also say the internet count. Many of us have a laptop and a smartphone and use the internet on both. And this can be many ways, we can have a work PC and home PC, separately from our personal laptop, can also have the tablet; and in our pockets can have two smartphones. While we use the internet often primarily on just one or two devices, we, an individual human, can use easily several access methods. Thus if we count total internet users, the number gets too high, and the actual UNIQUE user count is smaller.

But at the other side, we measure numbers …


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